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Welcome to the Trimble Collection, Gallery of Fine Art and Art Restoration Services, locatedat our new address 5251 John Tyler Hwy, Suite 26,
Williamsburg, VA. Master Framer
Tom Trimble has been in business and located in Williamsburg for more than 40 years and plans to continue in his chosen profession for at least 30 more.
As he says, "why stop what you're doing while you're still having fun." His skills in art restoration, preservation, conservation and frame restoration are well
known throughout the world. Ask Spielburg. Tom worked with him on the art for “Lincoln.” His hand-drawn and hand-painted French and Empire mattes are
without compare, creating the illusion of multiple mats with the use of a single one.

The Trimble Collection | 5251 John Tyler Hwy, Suite 26 | Williamsburg, VA | 757-220-3456

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